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Kitajima Maya
03 August 2007 @ 11:03 pm
The Kitajima's are hosting a party, at their lovely residence. It is a party dedicated to the end of the break, and the birthday that their daughter missed. This being her Seventeenth birthday party. It is a Costume Party, so come in costume. Its to be held in the garden, that flanks the back of their residence. Anyone that attends school with Maya Kitajima is welcome to attend. This is to be a grand event, so have fun folks. The party will run from six in the afternoon, till six in the morning. Plenty of food will be provided, and drinks as well. So please people don't bring your own, and try resisting the urge to spike the punch. *coughs*spikeit*coughs*
>.> <.<

Anyways.. the party will start OUR time wise... Next Saturday when I make the first post. Which may be any time during the day. I will post it in the log section, and from there, anyone can post. But I would like to get a list of guests, that will be attending. So please respond here, so that I can make a list.

Party Guests: