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03 August 2007 @ 11:03 pm
The Kitajima's are hosting a party, at their lovely residence. It is a party dedicated to the end of the break, and the birthday that their daughter missed. This being her Seventeenth birthday party. It is a Costume Party, so come in costume. Its to be held in the garden, that flanks the back of their residence. Anyone that attends school with Maya Kitajima is welcome to attend. This is to be a grand event, so have fun folks. The party will run from six in the afternoon, till six in the morning. Plenty of food will be provided, and drinks as well. So please people don't bring your own, and try resisting the urge to spike the punch. *coughs*spikeit*coughs*
>.> <.<

Anyways.. the party will start OUR time wise... Next Saturday when I make the first post. Which may be any time during the day. I will post it in the log section, and from there, anyone can post. But I would like to get a list of guests, that will be attending. So please respond here, so that I can make a list.

Party Guests:
14 March 2007 @ 04:35 pm
A month had passed already and it was time for White Day.

"On Valentine's Day, women give gifts to men; on White Day, men who received chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favor and give gifts to women."

There was a reminder there on the same table for all those who wanted to give a girl (or someone else) a gift! Anonymous or signed.
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14 February 2007 @ 05:49 pm
(( In Japan only females give out presents during this day.
Males do it on White Day (March 14)
So all girls who got presents for V-day means they were given by a female, or mischievous males

There's a table with a cake on it. It looks as if someone had sat on it.
Also there's a card where it reads:

"Leave your Valentine's here! And take a piece of cake"

(( You can post your Valentine's anonymously or signed! Cards, sweets, choclates, anything you want

Ani Toguro wants gifts too ;-;))
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08 February 2007 @ 09:21 pm
1.) I still have no computer. I have been borrowing when possible.

2.) Please check the contact information post to see if all information is correct. If anything is wrong, please alert me so that I can fix it.

3.) Please abuse of this friend console that Kurama-san has so kindly helped me out with during my prolonged absence. A new user will also be added soon; our new Randou. So make sure to add them once they create their journal.

4.) As for Onji's doll project, I've decided that we will all be able to use our imaginations. I have an idea in store for these dolls, so do not doubt; yes, it is theatrical. For those of you who have not made your dolls yet, I've decided that I will allow pixel dolls, such as on eLouAi. However any of you would like to present is fine, also. [Myself I am rather lazy and found it very tedious to create a picture on MSPaint. And I have no scanner, so I could not draw it. So in case there is anyone like me...!]

5.) I will be returning soon. And I would like to thank everyone who has been especially helpful in the upkeep of this role-play, particularly Kurama, while I have been away. I greatly appreciate it all, sincerely. Thank you, everyone!

6.) This role-play, as of the seventeenth of last month, is one year old.

Those who have been here the entire time or nearly include:
Yuusuke / Majari
Kurama / Toguro Ototou
Karasu / Suzaku
Chuu / Murugu / Makintarou
and Touya / Yomi

I've enjoyed role-playing with all above greatly, here and elsewhere, for the past year, and owe them much gratitude, not only to my role-playing career, but also to what having some of them as friends has done to my personal life and personality. I love you lot! ♡

Additionally, I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy role-playing with those who have not been with us quite as long, and appreciate their time and effort into Yuuhaku Madness!.

Thus concludes Suzuki's newsletter. That Kurama has been pestering me to make for weeks now.
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20 December 2006 @ 07:57 pm
Five days until Christmas, and i know it'll take a while for everyone to see and reply to this, so i'm going to put this up now.
Post..annonymously, the presents people got for SS.  But don't post about it in your journals until the 25th.
annonymous: Jin got a pot of gold.
And i apologise for being pushy about this ^^;

I will also be away for two weeks next month, plus one or two weekend visits away. Just a heads up :D

Ugh..i was worried something like this wouldn't happen. I think there has been a problem, and two people believe they got Makintaro. Names not mentioned for obvious reasons. For the person who has not posted yet, and already sees Makintaro listed there, could you please post a gift for Kurama instead?
It appears in this...mismatch... she has been the one left out.
Thank you :D
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